By the time I got to my first 'School' I was already fast.  What I learned from my riding coach that day was that being able to leave my buddies behind on a street ride, or passing most riders at a track day, or my inner experience of excitement mixed with fear when I pushed the limits of my bike and tires did not mean I was fast, it meant that I Felt fast. 

The coaching system at AP MotoArts meets you wherever you are in your riding, listens to where you want to go, then helps you get there.  It's that simple.  And it's the hardest thing we will ever do together.  So open your mind, zip up your leathers, and get ready for the ride of your life.

The coaching experience usually starts over a good cup of coffee and leads to a questionaire that sets the stage for our rides.  We may work together on the roads you are already familiar with, take on new roads and traffic conditions, or head to the track for a public or private trackday or race weekend.  The venue we choose together will be in support of you as a rider having the experience you want while getting the learning that is available with personalized coaching.

Using a variety of motorcycles, video review, 2-up rides and one-on-one feedback you will recieve the kind of attention you need to grow as a rider and move towards your goals like I did back at my first school.  With personal email follow up you will also get support as needed to assimilate the experience and the inevitable 'Ah-ha' moments that come in the days and weeks that follow.